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Our Parish Religious Education Program exists to support the parents of our children in their role as main educators in the faith of their family. The central purpose of our Religious Education Program is faith formation. Faith formation is an ongoing development of the whole person into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ and discipleship. In the Religious Education program the children learn about our faith through a series of different learning methods that includes: sacraments, morality, and prayer. Each class is an understanding of the gospel message of Jesus Christ; its application to their lives as Catholic Christians, and the teachings and traditions of our Church.

Our Religious Education Program offers a classroom education for all children beginning in Kindergarten (age 4) through Grade 8.  We ask our whole parish community to pass on our Catholic tradition, by inviting adults to become Catechists.  After prayer and study, our Catechists teach our children, educating for the mind, as well as the heart and the soul.  Our classes are staffed with committed volunteers. The sessions are held on Sunday morning, Monday afternoon, Monday evening, and Tuesday afternoon.

Through family prayer, attendance at Sunday Liturgy, experiences of sacramental celebrations, and examples of everyday Christian living, families lay the foundation for their children’s spiritual life. We strive to assist parents in this endeavor by providing a variety of learning experiences for their children, such as: formal classroom instruction, retreats, liturgical celebrations, prayer experiences; and Sacramental Preparation Sessions for parents.  We hope to provide an environment in which all children can develop spiritually and morally.

Diana Zuna

Coordinator of Religious Education

Director (732) 449-6364 ext. 105