Alert! Lent Calendar for CYO

N.B. Sophomores in Feb., Juniors in
March and Seniors in April.
Lent is a great time to give service to others. Hope you can participate in all or many of the following:
March 11 (Saturday): Noon-2 PM. Decorate for St. Pat’s party.
Lunch will be served.
5:30 PM to about 7:30-8 PM. Serve dinner at St. Pat’s party. Corned beef dinner included. Wear green!
March 18 (Saturday): 9:30 AM-
2 PM. Soup kitchen in Asbury Park. There are still three-four slots open. Contact me. Hat must be worn and permission slip required.
March 19 (Sunday): 7:30 PM. Rehearsal for the Stations of the Cross in upstairs’ church. Actors and readers still needed.
March 26 (Sunday): 9-9:30 AM and again at 6:45-7:15 PM. Speak to CCD classes about our CYO program. Please sign up with me. 7:30 PM: Rehearsal for Stations of the Cross.
March 27 (Monday): 7:15-7:45 PM: Speak to CCD class about our CYO program.
April 2: 7:30 PM. Stuff the Easter eggs, CYO confessions, and rehearsal for the Stations of the Cross (8:15 PM). Those stuffing the eggs will be done by about 8:15 PM.
Sunday, April 9: 10:25 AM. Prep for Easter Egg hunt followed by Easter Egg hunt. 7:30 PM: Dress rehearsal for Stations of the Cross. All cast, readers, crew including those in Spanish ministry must be there.
April 14 (Good Friday): Must arrive at 6:30 PM for final run through. Presentation of Stations of the Cross at 7:30 PM.

St. Mark's CYO youth group is open to all high school teenagers. Our meetings are typically Sunday evenings (7:30-9 PM) during the school year. We not only learn about our Catholic faith but put faith into action by engaging in numerous service activities including working at an Asbury Park soup kitchen and visiting a local nursing home. We assist at the annual Champion for Life dinner, are servers at the St. Patrick's Day party at St. Mark's, and we also present the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday as well as well as run the parish Easter Egg hunts.
CYO is an opportunity to bond with other teens who share our common faith and compassion to serve others. It is also a great social outlet with lots of social events: our Girls and Guys' Nights, Bowling and Miniature Golf, our annual barbecue, Senior Supper with Monsignor Sean, plus our Thanksgiving and Christmas parties! We have Game Board Night, Leadership Night, Comedy Night and very special guest speakers. If you wish to develop your leadership skills, there are plenty of opportunities for you to lead a meeting or discussion group or design and implement a new CYO activity and then get it organized and completed. Our current and former CYO members have written and directed movies as well as implemented Operation Christmas Child, Operation Cookies for U.S Soldiers in Afghanistan and a charity bike-a-thon into our program. Our annual Christmas wreath sale enables us to donate thousand of dollars to many worthy charities such as Madonna House, St. Denis Doves and the Mission of Mercy– Uganda missions.
Our primary goal in CYO is to make all our teens feel welcomed in our church and to help them realize their special role in knowing, loving and serving God and others through our faith community. CYO members make lifelong friends in our program.